Mixed Berry Daiquiri: For When You Just Can’t Anymore, and it’s Only the Middle of the Week.

So my Wednesday last week was a bit much.  My raspberries and strawberries were extra juicy, so when they leaked all over my lunchbox, it was extra messy. When I came home, I didn’t even want to think about cooking anything.  All I wanted was a fruit smoothie and some type of cocktail, when it occurred to me:  Why don’t I combine them?  The first thing I did when I got home was to throw my juicy (and now slightly mushy) fruit into the freezer to let it chill.

I was inspired by my roommate’s margarita recipe, which not only calls for tequila, but also Triple Sec, adding some punch to the margarita.  I wasn’t feeling aggressive enough for tequila, so I decided to go with rum for this one.  Realistically, you can customize the liquor for what you have available or how you’re feeling that night—swap tequila or vodka for the rum, use two shots of rum instead of adding the Triple Sec—the possibilities are endless.

Mixed Berry Daiquiri:

  • 1 c berries, frozen
  • Small handful ice—between 5-10 cubes
  • ¼ c water
  • 1 shot white rum
  • 1 shot Triple Sec
  • Sugar, to taste
  • Lime juice, to taste
Serves 1, unless you feel generous.  Or unless your day was extremely rough.  In that case, make a double batch.

Add the berries and liquor to a blender, along with the ice.  If your fruit hasn’t had time to freeze, add a bit more ice.  Slowly add water until the fruit is about 2/3 covered.  The idea here is to thin the smoothie out.  If you only have ice and berries, depending on the quality of your blender, the blades will give up the fight and the ice and fruit won’t mix.  Another technique is to slowly add the water while you blend, which offers you a bit more control.  If you want a creamier smoothie, you could try milk, but I don’t generally like milk and liquor together.  It just weirds me out.

Taste your smoothie.  If it’s very tart, add a little bit of sugar or a packet of sweetener.  If your daiquiri is sweet enough, and you want a little twist, add lime.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can garnish with extra berries or a lime wedge.  Or, if your day was like mine, pour into a solo cup with no extra fuss and enjoy!

An aside regarding fruit smoothies…

Here’s my principle regarding fruit smoothies:  Whenever you can add fresh fruit, it just tastes better.  However, some stores (I see you Wegmans) have amazing frozen fruit that does the trick, especially when the fresh berries aren’t in season.  Frozen berries also keep for longer.  You can make this drink with any kind of berries (or fruit combination—I’m just partial to berries), but mine was strawberries and raspberries.  This is also a great recipe for when fruit has started to go bad, but isn’t all the way there yet (slightly mushy, but no mold).  Or when you simply are too ambitious at the store, and realize that you won’t eat all the fruit you bought before it goes bad.


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